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 Seed Mixes

Seed Mixes Bloomin seed paper uses only the highest quality seed available. We hand make paper that grows into flowers, herbs, trees, chile peppers, vegetables, grasses, and more. Our expert staff can also develop custom seed mixes to meet your needs.
Certain Seed Mixes are available in only certain colors

hope seed mix  (hope seed mix )
(Available in Pink only) This paper blooms into the following pink flowers when planted:Baby's Breath | Carmine | Catchfly | Sweet William Pinks | Cornflower Pink Ball | California Poppy | Carmine King
bloomin original seed mix  (bloomin original seed mix )
Available in all color options This mix includes a hardy and diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds: Five Spot | Candytuft | Baby Blue Eyes | Siberian Wallflower | Scarlet Flax | Zinnia | Sweet William Pinks Corn Poppy | Spurred Snapdragon | Catchfly | English Daisy | Daisy | Black-Eyed Susan
bloomin printable seed mix  (bloomin printable seed mixseed mix )
(Available in White Only) This seed mix, used in all of our printable seed paper, features smaller seeds for a smoother surface. It also grows well in most regions. Catchfly | English Daisy | Sweet Alyssum | Spurred Snapdragon | Corn Poppy | Black Eyed Susan Our small-batch, handmade process ensures our seed paper will really grow! Each sheet is crafted one at a time and slight variations in texture and color is not uncommon. These subtle variations are the mark of a truly unique product. We currently stock 20 colors of our 8.5"x11" seed paper sheets. Each is packed with a diverse mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds. We strive for 150–400 seeds per 4"x4" area. Custom colors are available.
herb seed mix  (herb seed mix )
(Only available in White & Sage) We currently produce a white and a sage 8.5"x11" paper with a mix of herb seeds in it. This mix includes the following seeds: Parsley | Chives | Basil
vegetables  (vegetables )
(Available in Sage & Orange only) We offer a sage colored lettuce mix as well as a orange colored paper that is packed with carrot seeds.
evergreen tree mix  (evergreen tree mix )
evergreen tree mix (Only Available in Forest Color) Our Evergreen Tree Mix is loaded with evergreen seeds that comes in our forest color.